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General questions

MiTreasure is intuitive system designed to help you safeguard, secure your electronic devices such as TVs, Laptops, Cellphones and many of your treasure gadgets through ID and serial number link database, authentic identification, transfer of ownership of electronic devices
Any electronic device can registed provided it has a serial number
Yes to use MiTREASURE an account is required. Click here to register today.
Miteasure Application is designed to help safguard and secure your electronic devices through an ID-Serial number database. This platform ensures ownership verified trading of secondhand gadgets as they can easily be linked to the righfull owner. It helps the everyday individual verfy ownership of their valuable and in the case of recovery, it will assist the police reunite it to its rightful owner and prevent the gadget from being auctioned off as a result of failing to prove ownership it also assisits any individual in conducting spot checks and immediate feedback regarding ownership can be accessed on the application
Registration is done once, there after all devices you register will be added to your account.
There is no limit to the amount of devices you can register
There is no monthly subscription. The olny time you pay is when you register a device. Please note device registration is free now!!
It depends on your Internet speed, but normally it takes an average of 2 minutes to register.
You can register here. You can also register through the MiTreasure App which you can get here
Within the MiTreasure App there is an option that allows you to update your details.
MiTreasure has a "forgot password" link where you request to reset and change your password.
Within the app there is an option to change your profile picture, name and personal details.
You can be rest assured that each transaction is validated in real time. You’ll receive an immediate payment confirmation and a unique one-time code for each transaction.

Protect your account

It’s important to protect your information from unknown logins and suspicious activity. We do our best to keep your account safe, and you can secure it even more with these tips.

Use a strong password

  • Use numbers and symbols to make your password stronger
  • Use a unique password for your Pinterest account
  • Keep your password a secret - we’ll never ask for your password by email, instant message, or phone

Protect your devices

  • Make sure your computer and browser are up-to-date with the most recent updates and anti-virus software.
  • Only install browser add-ins and plug-ins from publishers you trust
  • Don’t open attachments or install software from an email that claims to be MiTreasure

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