Designed to help you safeguard, secure and recover your electronic devices such as TVs, Laptops, Cellphones and many of your treasured gadgets through ID and serial number link database.

Keep a record of serial numbers to your devices linked with your ID to ascertain ownership.

Allow transfer of device ownership in the event of a sale.

Community notification in the case of theft or recovery.

Facilitates with on-scene verification and spot checks for security companies, police and individuals.

Allows users to check if devices are not blacklisted or stolen.

Discourages buying and selling of stolen gadgets.


For the end users MiTreasure creates a permanent serial number-ID link ownership database which gives owners peace of mind, fear-free of losing such vital information. With MiTreasure people can trade individual to individual in second hand electronic devices without fear of buying or selling of stolen goods as they can easily verify on the MiTreasure app.

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